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Skill Development

Part of what makes rock climbing such a unique sport is that you can reach the same conclusion by applying endless variations in movement. In order to experiment with creativity, it helps to have a strong base in fundamental techniques and movement theory.

Fundamental techniques are the building blocks that lead to a discovery of your personal style. Isolation of these techniques help you understand a variety of ways that you can use your body to navigate through sequences. Skill development classes help you combine these isolated techniques into combinations that introduce flow and precision; movement theory! Finally, you’re exposed to an infinite number of complex sequences that encourage you to build a free-style movement on any wall, at any angle, using a variety of hold types.

The final stage in skill development is applying them to established routes and boulder problems in a variety of ways, take bits and pieces of what you like, and cultivate your own style.


Class cost $150

  • 8 Private sessions (1 hour, twice per week)

  • Movement assessment

  • Learn fundamental techniques

  • Footwork precision

  • Combinations

  • Introduction to route reading and sequencing