9.9 Climbing Rope - Black Diamond

black diamond climbing rope.jpg
black diamond climbing rope.jpg

9.9 Climbing Rope - Black Diamond


The Black Diamond 9.9 is one of the best ropes to hit the market for all around climbing. The 9.9 perfectly balances performance and durability so you can enjoy soft catches season after season. The 9.9 comes with a jet black middle mark that is easy to spot and is ideal as the one rope to do it all.

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Rope Type :  Single

UIAA Factor Falls :  6

Weight Per Meter :  64 g (2.3 oz)

Static Elongation :  7.6%

Dynamic Elongation :  32%

Impact Force :  8.4 kN

Sheath :  Standard

Sheath Slippage :  0

Half Mark :  Yes