9.6 Dry Climbing Rope - Black Diamond

9.6 Dry Climbing Rope - Black Diamond


Move seamlessly from the crag to a backcountry ice flow with the versatile Black Diamond 9.6 FullDry. Featuring an Endurance sheath that utilizes a 1X1 weave construction to lengthen the ropes’ lifespan and make it more abrasion-resistant, the BD 9.6 has a dry treated core and sheath that protects it from the inside out against weather. The rope’s 9.6 diameter hits that sweet spot of being thin enough for a hard sport redpoint, but thick enough to take a seasonal beating in the desert and then easily transition to winter ice pitches. With a middle marker and comfortable handling that knots easily and feeds smoothly through a belay device, the BD 9.6 FullDry is our multi-faceted, all-weather workhorse.

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Rope Type :   Single

UIAA Factor Falls :   9

Weight Per Meter :   65 g (2.3 oz)

Static Elongation :   6.5%

Dynamic Elongation :   34%

Impact Force :   8.1 kN

Sheath :   Endurance

Sheath Slippage :   0

Half Mark :   Yes