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Periodized Training & Conditioning

The best climber is the one having the most fun
— Alex Lowe

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and physical performance! The PTC program is for technical rock climbers ready to discover their physical and mental thresholds only to surpass them through an individually designed, well rounded, and sensible training program. This is the type of training that introduces progressive ideas in all facets of technical rock climbing. It will expose all areas of improvement (especially in the psychological realm) as well as highlight your various strengths. By encouraging the latter and addressing the former, we foster a unique program that encourages you to be creative, analytical, and intuitive in your approach to rock climbing. It’s unlike any other training experience.

A large percentage of your ability to perform at your best comes from your ability to connect in a way that helps you deal equally with the psychological as the physical challenges. To develop the most enriching experiences in climbing you need only to learn how to connect body and mind through training so you can experience growth and physical progress continuously throughout your journey. This is the key to a successful climbing career for the average person.

The PTC program introduces concepts that teach you a level of awareness you may not have considered or even thought possible. It challenges you to face what you may have perceived as your threshold for acceptance and then reconsider so you can continue moving forward. It challenges you to look at your climbing environment (indoors and out) from a completely new perspective so you can use it to achieve all your goals. The program is so unique to each individual, that throughout the journey the training experience has the ability to become nearly cathartic.

Some level of climbing experience is required, but to be eligible for the program you do not need to climb at a particular grade. The ideal athlete will be able to train 2 hours a day, 3 times per week, with a 1/2 hour dedicated for conditioning on off days. The PTC program is designed to maximize your experience in as little time as possible, hardly requires equipment for conditioning, and is not dependent on a partner; it’s our no-excuses approach. The program aks for a high level of commitment from the aspiring athlete who in turn will receive the most careful attention from the instructor to navigate the physical and mental demands. For those reasons, an initial consult will determine if an invitation to train under this program is a good fit.

Program Cost 300$ per month for 3 months

Email us at Info@antigravityequipment to schedule a consult.