New In The Shop

I can hardly believe how much the shop has grown in the last 6 months. There is almost no room left in the case for shoes and new models are still on the way. This week we welcome Red Chili to our lineup of performance shoes. They may not have the biggest presence in the US but those that have tried and fit into a pair of Red Chili's will agree that the manufacturing and performance of this brand of climbing shoes is among the world's best. 

You can drop into any climbing shop (including our own) and find some or all of the giants on display, La Sportiva, Five Ten, Scarpa, Evolv, but we purposefully like to take a chance on the underdogs (Boreal, Butora) to bring you something different. Something a little more unique but well-researched for quality and performance. And what is quality? Something by which you can measure other things of similar kind; in this case, something visible and tangible. That is why I decided to bring in the high-performance Atomyc.

The Atomyc's minimal use of material, asymetrical and cambered design give you a precise and sensitive high end performance shoe that fits like an elastic sock and keeps everything together for maximum front-pointing and edging abilities. The ergonomic design hardly requires the single velcro strap but is included for extra control of the overall fit. 

A fair question when considering a new brand of climbing shoe is the quality of the rubber. It's a fair question since the quality is maybe the most important feature next to fit when it comes to sticking those tiny footholds. The Atomyc uses Vibram XS Grip rubber which can be found on similarly designed high-end shoes like the Solutions and Testarosas or Mago's and Furias. This soft and very sticky rubber delivers high sensitivity and suction cup-like ability to wrap around the holds you are standing on. 

If you're looking to set your kicks apart from what everyone else is wearing, drop by the store and get fitted for a pair at a discount. At 149.95, the Atomyc is already below the price tag of it's competitors but even so, it's not exactly spare change for taking a chance on a new brand. That's why you can get the Atomyc at AntiGravity Equipment for 119.95$ (the same price as an entry level to mid-performance shoe), as an incentive to try something different. 

Juan Rodriguez