New In The Shop

The Joker Plus arrives at the shop! All the comfort of the popular Joker Lace only in Velcro for a slipper-like feel that's easy to take on and off. This leather shoe has a full liner with padding all the way to the toe box providing a pillow-y comfort for your little piggies. Sculpted heel cups keep your feet in place during climbing and the EVA foam padding in the bottom of the heel cup absorbs shock and keeps your feet cushioned from hard ground (think standing on ledges during multipitch climbs). You'll never have to worry about delamination with the Joker's Integrated Rand System which also allows for varying thickness in the rubber from heel to toe for optimal durability. 

Since we're on the topic of shoes, we are stocked up on Friendly Foot powder. This powder is absolutely the best in getting rid of nasty climbing shoe odors, especially in those made from synthetic materials. By using natural ingredients to balance the pH funk in your rock socks, Friendly Foot powder makes it possible to rejoin your circle of friends, drive your car without sticking your head out the window, and actually bring your climbing shoes back inside your living quarters! Remember, friends don't let friends climb with foot funk. 

Edelrid Gym ropes and the Caddy Rope Bag are in stock. The tried and true 9.8 Boa is available in a 40 meter length so you can comfortably crank out redpoints and onsights in any gym in the Portland Metro area. 

The Caddy Rope Bag is the perfect bag for quickly packing and unpacking your cord. To pack the rope, simply flake it through into the center of the tarp where it opens up to the bag below. Then all you have to do is lift the bag by it's four corners and the rope easily funnels into the bag tangle-free and without the need to coil it. The rope packs small and the generously padded shoulder strap will keep your shoulder comfortable during transport. 

Juan Rodriguez