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Beal Virus and Trango Lotus ropes

Beal Virus and Trango Lotus ropes

More ropes have arrived in time for the best weather of the season! Drop by AntiGravity Equipment and get set up to crush the local climbing scene this summer.  

From premiere rope manufacturer Beal, we have the Virus. Part of Beal's Active Line, these colorful, eye-catching ropes are perfect for those looking to purchase something that combines long-lasting characteristics of a work-horse with some features of performance lines. It's 10 mm diameter offers good control with any belay device. These ropes are manufactured without the use of chemical treatments; Beal uses only Bluesign certified sources for their nylon construction. Both colors are available in 70 meter lengths perfect for road trips to Smith Rock and beyond. 

Also in is Trango's Lotus rope, 9.9 mm. Another vibrantly colored line designed to take all the abuse of lead fall and top rope situations and still last for seasons to come. The fall rating in combination with it's impact force ratings suggest a rope with good balance of shock absorption and stretchy-ness to provide a cushioned fall that won't have you re-climbing big sections on the rock. Available in 60 meter lengths, perfect for local cragging out at French's Dome, Ozone, or Broughton's. 

Hollowblocks in 13.5" loops are in stock again. Perfect for use in prussik situations (such as a rappel backup), the Sterling Hollow Block grips the rope much better than standard accessory cord and cuts down on bulky fisherman's knots. 

Juan Rodriguez