New in the shop

This week our shipment of Black Diamond Equipment arrived! BD has been busy giving all their products a little makeover going for a darker look this season with vibrant contrasting colors. Feels a little like climbing gear the Dark Knight would have on his utility belt. 

We'll start off with the new MOJI Charging Station. A bigger version of the popular Moji lantern. At 250 lumens of flood lighting, it's perfect for dinner at the campground or situations where you might be off the grid. Run the lantern off it's internal rechargeable battery, or direct AC via the included USB cable. You also have the option of using 4 AA batteries as backup. One of the best and most convenient features of the MOJI Charging Station is the ability to charge handheld items, like a cell phone or digital camera, from it's USB port. The single power switch makes it easy to dim or brighten the light and also includes a strobe light mode for emergencies or impromptu raves! 

BD's Positron quickdraws get a new color design with sharp contrasting black on gold! The Dynex slings are wider than it's previous version and have a cool fade design from the bolt to rope end. Colors and gate design make it easy to distinguish bolt side from rope side and the classic keylock nose make for hassle-free clipping and unclipping. 6 draws to a pack. 

From smallest to largest, the Positron, Nitron, VaporLock and RockLock screwgates all get a nice gun-metal colored body and sharply contrasting colored gates that make for an eye-catching pop on this classic hardware. One of the the features I like about these carabiners is the easy spin-up and spin-down of the barrel for quick one-handed locking and unlocking on all four carabiners.       

Last we have new colors for BD's ATC Guide, the ATC that does it all. Choose from black or dark green. Depending on the color of the device, you'll either get a black or white cable design. This ATC has a high-friction side should you need more control during the belay or rappel. Machined windows lighten the weight, and of course you have the ability to hang the device from the anchor in "guide mode" to belay up to two seconding climbers when multi-pitching. The auto-block release on the opposite end of the device has been enlarged in this version so it now excepts small carabiners. 

Juan Rodriguez