New in the shop

This month we got a big order in from Edelrid with all kinds of new products.

The new Boa Eco ropes, of course, made their debut in the store. Unique in their design, these ropes also up the standard in sustainable manufacturing practices. You can read more about them HERE

Also new from Edelrid are the Kid's harnesses. We have the Fraggle II, a full body harness that is designed with plenty of mesh padding for ultimate comfort. No more complaints of harsh webbing pressing against their skin. Vibrant colors on the outside and solid black on the inside make it a breeze to put on properly and it's ergonomic design ensures a secure fit.  

The Finn II is also available for growing kids ready to take the next step. This traditional waist harness is fully adjustable and is constructed using the same comfortable mesh padding used in the Fraggle II. One of the highlights of this harness is it's movable padding (a feature found in adult harnesses), which slides along the nylon webbing in the frame to ensure that the tie-in points are always perfectly centered.   

The Zack unisex harness is available for adults. Speed buckles for the waist and legs make this a quick and fully adjustable harness with no need to worry about doubling back for protection. The 3D mesh padding on the waist is movable, eliminating the off-centered fit often over looked during fitting, to ensure that the harness is always perfectly centered. This gives support and protection to your lower back and ensures that the tie-point is centered with your abdomen. This innovative feature also eliminates offset gear loops so your equipment is exactly where you expect it to be when un-clipping or racking. 

Juan Rodriguez