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Intro To Periodized Training

What got you here, won’t get you there
— Marshall Goldsmith

Progress has many different facets when it comes to rock climbing. The one people most quickly identify with is they physical facet; can I do something physical I couldn’t do before?

Spend any continuous amount of time in rock climbing and you will eventually plateau. Logically, you may be curious about what you can do to raise your current level of athletic ability. There is lots of great literature out there on training for climbing for you to read. You can ask your friends what helped them get to a higher performance and borrow from their style. You can adopt training regimens from pro athletes on social media. All of these avenues are helpful for exposure to different types of training but it takes a lot of trial and error to get the right combinations of workouts in the right order to see results. That’s because it takes a keen eye to create a program that focuses on your specific needs as an individual.

It can be difficult to be objective in your own assessment when it comes to areas of improvement and having and independent expert to evaluate your style, often sheds light on areas you may have overlooked. Books are a one-sided conversation that can’t provide you with valuable feedback and prevent you from injuries as you make your way through cycles of training. Training like professional athletes can often result in injuries or a collapse in motivation because they require a level of time and dedication often not afforded to us as work, families, significant others, hobbies and countless other things compete for our valuable time.

Intro to periodized training can put in place something that is creative, time efficient, and results-driven. Using a frame work of deliberate compartmentalization, together we design a program with your specific strengths and areas of improvement in mind. By identifying those areas and creating sensible goals, together we ensure visible success throughout your training program. Finally, it empowers you with the information you need so you are then able to continue on designing your own training program according to your goals and availability of time.

Program Cost 200$ per month for 3 months (Discount available if paid in full)

  • Movement assessment

  • 1hr 15 min personal training session, twice per week with an optional workout day

  • Introduction to goal setting

  • Introduction to training phases

  • Core and conditioning

  • Injury prevention and maintenance