Mutant - Boreal

Mutant - Boreal

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The Mutant from Boreal is a performance shoe with a high asymmetric and downturned design for optimal performance on steep angles. The sole is equipped with Boreal's proprietary Zenith™ rubber from the forefoot, through the mid-sole, and all the way to the heel cup. The 3D molded sections eliminate dead space and help to maintain the shape of the shoe over time. To ensure a flexible fit and contoured arch, the Mutant uses thinner rubber through the middle of it's design. Power is transmitted across the shoe via the band running around the heel and under the foot by using Boreal's Lateral Torsion System.

The Mutant's premium unlined leather upper is enhanced with Boreal's new "Friction Skin", a rubber coating for ultimate toe-hooking capabilities. The single power strap across the top ensures a comfortable, low profile fit.

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  • UPPERS: High quality split leather. Elastic and strap footwrap closure system. Extra thin rubber zone over the toes for grip and protection.

  • LINING: No.

    EIGHT: 60 grs./pair (size 6 UK)
  • MIDSOLE: Special anti-deformation midsole. 

  • CONSTRUCTION: Slip-Lasted.

  • SOLE: Ultra sticky Boreal ZENITH outsole.4-4.5mm thickness depending on size.

  • CHARACTERISTICS: High performance strap slipper hybrid. Outstanding performance on extreme moves like toe and heel hooking thanks to its innovative rubber toe patch and outstanding heel. Great edging performance and sensitivity.

  • USAGE: High performance shoe which excels at bouldering or sport climbing.