Endeavor Women's Wide - Butora

Endeavor Women's Wide - Butora


The Endeavor's sister climbing shoe has a heel that is cut lower around the ankle area for a better women's style fit. The women's Endeavor still offers the same power and precision with the asymmetrical design and comfortable shape. With unique features like hemp lining and a leather foot bed, the Endeavor will not let you down as the perfect all-around shoe for climbing.

Women's US Size:
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The two-piece Tongue is constructed of a highly breathable mesh for comfort and ventilation. The tongue contains Poron® memory foam and open cell sponge to absorb any pressure from the straps.

The front of the shoe is constructed of a synthetic micro fiber to help maintain its original shape and the back half of the shoe is made from natural leather for breathability and comfort. Fully lined with 100% organic hemp fabric to minimize stretch while resisting odor development.

Moisture-wicking split-leather foot bed for comfort and custom fit to your toes. 3D injection molded full lengths variable thickness polyurethane midsole for torsion rigidity and precision edging. Super sticky 100% butyl Butora F5 rubber sole.

This shoe is cut lower in the heel to accommodate a lower ankle bone, common for women.