Diabolo Climbing Shoe - Velcro - Boreal

Diabolo Climbing Shoe - Velcro - Boreal


Newly updated for 2017, Diabolo is the shoe to take your climbing to the next level without unnecessary discomfort. Diabolo combines the precision of a performance shoe with the comfort of an intermediate model making it an incredibly versatile for both improving and experienced climbers alike.

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  • UPPERS: Split leather and microfiber. Integrated tongue on the upper. Fast double strap closure system.
  • SOLE: Ultra sticky Boreal ZENITH Pro outsole. 4-4.5mm thickness depending on size.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: A great compromise between comfort and performance. Precise yet forgiving.
  • MIDSOLE: Special anti deformation midsole
  • USAGE: Superbly versatile. Use indoors or outdoors, routes or bouldering