Oval XL Carabiner - CAMP

Oval XL Carabiner - CAMP



  • Super-strong, full-size oval carabiner
  • Large gate opening
  • Keylock nose

The Oval XL is a full-size oval carabiner with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. I-Beam construction gives it a sleek profile for easy handling and the large gate opening combines with a Keylock nose for maximum ease of use with ropes and hardware. These features also make it a great option for racking wires and pins.

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  • Weight: 66 g, 2.3 oz
  • ID: 2126
  • Height (mm): 110
  • Width (mm): 62
  • Gate Opening (mm): 22
  • Major Axis (kN): 28
  • Minor Axis (kN): 11
  • Open Gate (kN): 7