AntiGravity Equipment is not your typical climbing shop. It is a living, breathing movement rich in individuality and creativity. It is the embodiment of the spirit of adventure, amusement, and self discovery. To be part of AntiGravity Equipment is to embrace the generosity of the Oregon climbing community and add a contribution unique only to you. We strive to help you realize your adventures by following ours. 

About the owner

Juan Rodriguez's story begins in Las Vegas, NV where he grew up, but the chapters in his life become the most interesting after moving to Portland, OR. The authenticity of the Pacific Northwest was a stark contrast to the unreliable lifestyle of Southern Nevada's most scandalous city. Yet he quickly found his place within Portland's quirky and accepting style. 

Soon after arriving, when things couldn't seem to get better for a young adult out on his own for the first time, Juan began climbing at Stoneworks Climbing Gym. The love and support that poured from the gym's community set Juan on a trajectory that would have him climbing all over the country and then all over the world, sharing a combined passion for climbing and a less conventional lifestyle with whomever he made friends with. 

In 2014, with the help of a dear friend, Juan realized his dream of opening a climbing shop in Beaverton, OR. He collaborated with his entire community to design AntiGravity Equipment inside the very gym that started it all. Today, AntiGravity Equipment in collaboration with his Stoneworks family, has carved an extraordinary niche in the Portland Metro area that has quickly become synonymous with family, adventure, and all things climbing. It is the sum of all the inspiration and originality that Juan and his friends bring to the table, and it simply doesn't get better than that.